Welcome to Weldon Woods

Nurturing Nature Through Conservation & Conversation

Weldon Woods is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of protecting and preserving Weldon Woods in southern St. Charles County, Missouri and stopping the imminent destruction of this precious area.

Our mission is to organize the overwhelming majority of people across the regions who want to preserve this native forest forever, and to serve as stewards to guide a sustainable future for our forest that can be enjoyed by all. Learn more about us here.

Weldon-Woods_treeWeldon Woods includes the Missouri Bluffs Golf Club and surrounding area.

Your Voice Counts! Take our Online Survey: Follow this link to complete our poll! This poll lets us, the County Council, and the University know that we are not alone in our opposition to this destructive development of a beautiful natural area on the Missouri Bluffs.

“Missouri Bluffs // Preserve This Place”
video by Kyle Spradley

Virtual Hike: We will be organizing a “virtual hike” (a petition) to save the bluffs via Twitter very soon. Stay tuned and follow us on twitter by clicking the icon. twitter-small