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If you would like to support our efforts to stop the development in Weldon Woods (the Bluffs Golf Course), please contact us. You can also get involved and support our mission in a number of other ways:

Take our Online Survey: Your Voice Counts! Follow this link to complete our poll! This poll lets us, the County Council, and the University know that we are not alone in our opposition to this destructive development of a beautiful natural area on the Missouri Bluffs.

Virtual Hike: COMING SOON. We will be organizing a “virtual march on the bluffs” (a petition) to save the bluffs via Twitter very soon. Stay tuned and follow us on twitter by clicking the icon. twitter-small

Spread the word: We need support from our community to make a difference! Tell your friends, neighbors, and colleagues about the our mission of land conservation. Many landowners are not aware of the benefits of land protection.

Donate: As a nonprofit, your support is crucial to our efforts. Click the “DONATE” button below to make a donation. Individual donations are what makes our work possible!

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Thank you for your support! We rely on our community to help us with our mission of land conservation!